Yacht Venus - a Philippe Starck Design  


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08/02/2018 10:13 pm  

Before his passing, the late Steve Jobs called up the prolific French designer Philippe Starck and asked Starck if he'd like to build him a yacht. The story behind the phone call is a good laugh and a good read into the personality of both iconoclasts. What turned out is probably my favorite yacht ever designed. I admit to learning about Philippe Starck only after research his creation and I felt like a caveman for not knowing about him. What I like about Venus Yacht is what you don't see. The clean lines and minimalistic design hide a complexity that Jobs understood well; less is more. Starck (and Jobs) not only designed a vessel that would satisfy Jobs' particularities, but one that resembled the design philosophy behind every Apple product. When I saw it, I was drawn to the "minimalist elegance" as Starck puts it. I am also drawn to the fact that Denali shares similar features in the shape of her architecture and I wonder what can be gleamed from deconstructing the design.

Learning a little about Starck made me want to learn more. It is unbelievable how much one man has created in his lifetime and he isn't done. I became an instant fan after I watched his Ted Talk; check it out.  

In fact, I reached out to Starck to ask if he would consider participating in Project: Z-NEV as an advisor who can offer insight and perhaps help with the design. His team is keeping an eye on our progress and he may get involved as Z-NEV evolves beyond ambition.


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