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Monday, October 23 2017

Wednesday, October 25 2017

Rick J Coyle


A few years ago Tewari said, “I clearly see self running space engines to be the motors and generators in immediate future — ‘space’ engines , because it is ‘space’ that creates electrons. The electrons assemble atoms, and the atoms and the electrons with their mutual electric force produce electric current to give free power, eternally.”

Rick J Coyle


I’m only just learning about Paramahamsa Tewari but I really like some of his theoretical physics papers on unified field theories and the nature of empty space, vacuums and the space-vortex structure of the electron: The picture above is his “reactionless generator” - an over-unity machine. Here’s an animation on how it works: . So was it all hype or does this technology really work? Is there more like it in other places?

Spruce Cox

Spruce Cox 8:55pm

I have not heard of Tewari's work before and I will look into it. But I am skeptical already based on his own words, "free power, eternally", which sounds an awful lot like the perpetual motion paradox. I could be way off, but will let you all know in the next few days what I find.

Thursday, November 2 2017


New projects available:

Innovate a trampoline energy generator and a diving board energy generator. Multi-purpose devices would be awesome! Examples:
Rigid solar sail that folds and compresses into a high-tech diving board that can be attached to many surfaces and has several automated capabilities
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Rick J Coyle


That's awesome!  Nathalie just told me about a nonprofit organization (in Portland?)  that recycles plastic bottles and makes #D printer filament and they have a great program helping under-served populations get into 3D printing.  I did some searching and found quite  a few companies recycling plastic for 3D printer filament.  The plastic based filament might not be as strong as industrial filament but what an awesome way to clean up the garbage current in the Atlantic that stretches for thousands of miles!

Friday, November 10 2017



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