Our mission is to inspire lifelong STEM learning for all.


Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of all life by promoting lifelong STEM learning for all people through collaborative projects, immersive technologies and interactive media.

We envision a world that is full of open-source, freely accessible information that is available instantly to all, unrestricted by location. A world in which immersive, collaborative learning empowers individuals to discover innovative solutions to challenges that inhibit the path to a sustainable future. We want to encourage not only participation, but the sharing of ideas and information across all boundaries.


Historic Vessel Denali Restoration & Re-power

Denali (formerly Amida 1926-1928) is an 85-foot wooden yacht built in 1926 at Luders Marine Construction in Stamford, CT. She was designed as an Express Cruiser and built for speed. For more information and history, visit her page on KoKa Media’s website.

Denali is our first project and will become our prototype for Z-NEV. Using open source technology and participation from a global community, Denali will be re-powered with renewable energy and clean technologies so that we can learn how to design the most efficient propulsion technology that runs on solar, wind, wave and hydrogen energy.

Robotics, VR, Z-NEV & You!

Z-NEV teamed up with the robotics and engineering toy brand, Meccano-Erector to launch a robotics program in high schools around the world. The program offers a simple curriculum that teaches students how to build and code robots. After students learn the basics, they can innovate their own designs and design models of Z-NEV systems. Click here to learn more and get involved!

Join the Z-Team!

Do you want to help design an open source zero energy vessel that will generate its own energy? Do you want to work with an international team of STEM field experts who believe in free energy and free education? The Z-Team needs you! Find out how to become part of the team here.

Human Powered Zero-Net Energy!

Jacob Hendrickson flew over 170 combat missions in Afghanistan as a USAF fighter Pilot. He played football in the NCAA Division as a defensive back for The US Air Force Academy. In 2015 he rode a bicycle 3,114 miles from Oceanside Pier, CA to Ocean City, MD in 67 days. This June, Jacob will embark on a mission to complete the first and longest solo, non-stop, unsupported ocean row in recorded history from Washington state to Cairns, Australia. Our nonprofit organization, KoKa Media is acting as a fiscal sponsor for Jacob, enabling tax deductions for donors who support him. Jacob has been flying for private contracts in Afghanistan to raise funds for his row. You can support him too by making a contribution that will pay for necessities and the completion of his vessel. Watch a trailer for a documentary in production and learn more at Jacob’s website here.

New Z-NEV Discussion Forum

We just rolled out the Z-NEV Forum Beta. You can share your ideas and participate in discussions while helping to test the beta version. Check it out at http://www.z-nev.org/z-forum


Project: Z-NEV is made possible by the generous support of our donors and sponsors and we now accept Bitcoin and altcoin donations. Many cryptocurrencies are accepted through our donations page. If you’d like to donate an altcoin, token or ICO token that isn’t listed, contact us to coordinate a deposit. PayPal donations are also accepted and fees are waved through the PayPal Giving program.

“A vessel on the sea has access to only what was brought aboard, plus seawater, air (wind), and sunlight. Can those simple resources be enough to sustain its operation? It’s a great question because our earth has the same set of limited resources – whatever we have on board, plus water, air, and sunlight. We have the potential to learn a lot as we study the limitations and the possibilities.”

Carl C. Wamser | Professor of Chemistry Emeritus | Portland State University

We’re Building A Modular, Open-Source Zero-Net Energy Vessel

(and inviting the whole world to participate)

Open Source Software

Open Source Software

Open Source Hardware

Open Source Hardware

Modular Design

Modular Design

Project: Z-NEV is a global collaborative learning adventure. Our goal is to design a modular, open-source Zero-Net Energy Vessel (Z-NEV) that is capable of circumnavigating the world’s oceans under her own self-generated power while producing zero emissions and zero waste. With virtual reality technology, users around the world can be on board Z-NEV throughout the design phase and join the crew on voyages around the world.

“I am very happy to be involved in this great project at its early stage. I fully support this project and welcome collaboration in any form in the years to come.”

Xinghui Zhao | Assistant Professor | School of Engineering and Computer Science | Washington State University Vancouver

Fully Immersive Learning Experience
Project: Z-NEV will be accessible remotely to anyone, anywhere in the world through a combination of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies (VR/AR/MR) and a variety of open source hardware and software applications. This integrated platform will allow users to be fully immersed in a scaled 3-D replica of Z-NEV while interactively engaging in activities and collaborating with each other. The virtual environment will be saturated with information and media content that will be delivered through intelligent interfaces that will enhance the learning experience.

Project: Z-NEV is spearheaded
by Ko Ka Media



Ko Ka Media is a nonprofit educational media organization located in Portland, Oregon (USA). Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of all life by promoting lifelong STEM learning for all people through collaborative projects, immersive technologies and interactive media. In pursuit of our mission, we are building a community around projects that offer hands-on, and remote exploration of the world of STEM.  Just as the principles of open-source have shown us, our collaborative approach to learning and teaching cultivates the rapid spread of information and an exponential acceleration of innovation.

EIN: 82-2008016 Ko Ka Media is a nonprofit organization exempt from federal income tax under IRC Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions they make to our organization under IRC Section 170.  Bequests, devises, transfers or gifts are also tax deductible under Section 2055, 2106, or 2522.
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